Our YouTube Channel is ONLINE!!!!

03/01/2020 00:41
Thanks for all the encouragement to urge us in setting up our YouTube Channel, now it starts kicking!   As a start, we only have two videos at the moment, and expected there to be more in the near future. The Links are listed below. NeoMind aims in sharing Mental Health information and in...
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New Year Gift -- Color Meditation to Welcome the New Year

02/01/2020 16:51
  Happy New Year 2020!!   Come and collect Your New Year Gift from NeoMind! A Color Meditation Exercise to greet the colorful coming New year!   Please click the link below to wathc the vedio. 2020 NY color meditation.mp4 (77,4 MB)   This is our first video, we will be sharing...
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Happy New Year 2020!!

02/01/2020 16:43
  Happy New Year 2020!! To the year of Light and Love, Reborn and Flying HIgh.... NeoMind will be your company till your destination!    
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The Healing Path of Mothers Losing Their Babies

23/05/2019 22:42
因故失去孩子的母親、父親,在醫療體系中,情緒健康常常被忽略,BBC中文網最近一篇由社會研究專家呂嘉鴻博士所寫的文章,特別報導了這個專題與關於這方面的心理支援。 NeoMind Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy 心忻催眠/心理治療室 的心理治療師 Nastassia Tsuei 日前接受BBC中文網訪問發表她的經驗與觀點。 談論關於懷孕中期後因故失去寶貝的父母,在心理創傷方面的療癒,與醫療系統與醫療人員應該如何給予更加同理的手續與支持。   NeoMind’s psychotherapist Nastassia...
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1 Hour Free Music Video for Your Sound Sleep

27/04/2018 04:45
Sunset Fantasy, A Magic Moment for You to Relax   A good quality sleep and mind-body balance are what the most people are after in the modern world.    This weekend, we have made a music video for you, which you can use it to release your stress, to improve your sleep quality, a...
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BWRT® Course 2018 課程

19/09/2017 04:30
  最新消息! BWRT®治療法因為療效顯著,被世界各地心理專業與學術界肯定,從2018年起,南非兩所大學也將會把BWRT®治療法列入為碩士班臨床心理治療的修讀訓練課程,在臨床心理學系第七年時教授(大七)。 有興趣要修讀的心理專業人士,2017年課程已全部額滿,2018年初階課程將會在一月份開課,也已開放報名。符合報讀資格的朋友要儘早喔~ 2018英國的第一次的BWRT®治療法初階課程(普通精神病理學)將於一月份開始。 你必須已經具有相關專業資格才可以報名修讀這個深造專業課程,包括專業心理治療師、諮商心理師/心理輔導員、心
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BWRT® presented at the 2017 Biological Psychiatric Congress

19/09/2017 01:16
2017 Biological Psychiatric Congress was held from 9/14 - 9/17, and  BWRT® Jas just been presented at the Congress by Dr Jacek Kryzstofiak, bringing BWRT® to more Psychiatrical and Psychological Professionals in the world. BIOLOGICAL...
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BWRT® Therapy wiped out lifelong phobias - in just one session

22/08/2017 21:35
Alisa Youngman, 26, from Beverley, Yorkshire, has been terrified of birds all her life Alisa’s bird phobia was so intense that she would be on the look-out for them whenever she left the house. ‘I’d never eat outside or go to the park in case a bird swooped down on me,’ she says. Yet recently...
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Free Mental Support for Manchester Bombing Victims

30/05/2017 23:58
-- NeoMind Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy, BWRT HK & ASIA Provides Free Mental Support for Manchester Bombing Incident --   Here is a link to a map showing all the therapists who have offered to help those effected by the Manchester bombing, please share to ensure that nobody remains...
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Irish Book Award NewComer Winner Conquered Panic Attack by BWRT® Therapy

09/05/2017 05:04
  EM Reapy, Newcomer of the Year at the Irish Book Awards winner, a talented writer, also suffering from Panic Disorder, having great difficuties in public to share her work with others and also for the ceremony, which means a lot for her, as a reward of her work. Through family friend,...
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