2017 BWRT® Research Project

13/01/2017 05:24
  BWRT®治療法的運用非常廣泛,目前英國腦部工程研究學會(British BrainWorking Research Society) 的最新研究已經開始著手於處理生理狀況的問題,而研究計劃將會在2017年1月開始,由全世界120位高階BWRT®治療師在世界各地進行研究,為期約一年的時間,分為一月及七月兩組,各為期六個月。( 應對各項生理症狀的治療法已經過BWRT®導師進行過個案研究也非常成功,現由全球治療師擴大個案研究範圍,確認效度並應必要進行修正...
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BWRT® BrainWorking Recursive Therapy® Arrives in Hong Kong and Asia

24/10/2016 03:31
來了來了,亞洲第一位BrainWorking Recursive Therapy® 治療師,看到地圖上一大片空白上的小紅點了嗎?就是NeoMInd的所在地喔~~~ 您的治療師Nastassia Tsuei於九月中從英國經過嚴格的考核拿到BrainWorking Recursive Therapy®...
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You Can Book ONLINE Now

24/06/2016 05:49   NeoMind Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy 心忻催眠/心理治療室 is at your service by appointment only.   You can make a direct reservation through our online booking link to make your reservation. You can also PM us for any enquiries...
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Happy Chinese New Year of Monkey 2016~

06/02/2016 01:30
It will be Year of Monkey in 2 days, NeoMind will be open and take reservation from 10th Feb onwards again. Have a wonderful Chinese New Year Holiday~    NeoMind Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy 心忻催眠/心理治療室 wish you a prosperous Year of Monkey, and a NeoMind as...
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"Conversational Hypnosis" do a better job than pills for relaxing patients before anesthesia and surgery 言語催眠對手術前病人的焦慮情緒紓緩比服用藥物更加有效

31/10/2015 16:15
醫學新知10/28報導:麻醉學2015年度會議時指出,言語催眠能對手術前病人的焦慮情緒紓緩大有幫助,比服用藥物更加有效。 實驗指出100名手術病人,50人在術前用口服藥,另50人用言語催眠放鬆減壓放鬆,藥物組的在服藥後的放鬆指數為8.3,而使用言語催眠組的放鬆指數高達9.3。 "conversational hypnosis" as the approach is known, may do a better job than pills for relaxing patients before anesthesia and surgery, suggests research being...
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7 Terrible Foods for ADHD

11/10/2015 16:22
  For years, doctors have speculated that certain foods may have something to do with ADHD. Although much research has been done on the subject, it's still not believed that food actually causes ADHD. What some foods do seem to do, however, is worsen ADHD symptoms or affect behavior that...
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Certified Specialist in PTSD

06/10/2015 23:39
Recently there have been many distressful accidents and natural disasters happened in the world, NeoMind feels deeply with the victims and thinks there are many peope out there need to be healed from their invisible wound.  Because of this reason, your NeoMind therapist Nastassia Tsuei has...
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Hypnotension™ arrives in Hong Kong

25/09/2015 03:22
Hypnotension™ has put an article in Hypnotension News about our NeoMind therapist Nastassia Tsuei being the first Certified Hypnotension Practitioner in Hong Kong. Congrats! Please click link for the article.
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Embrace and Heal Your Inner Child

24/09/2015 12:43
In each of us, there is a young, suffering child. We have all had times of difficulty as children and many of us have experienced trauma. To protect and defend ourselves against future suffering, we often try to forget those painful times. Every time we're in touch with the experience of...
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The First Hypertension Hypnotherapist in Asia

24/09/2015 11:16
      NeoMind's Mission is always in persuing to provide better service to our clients, so to facilitate us with latest therapy methods and continue expanding knowledge and keep the track with the world is one of NeoMind's top priorities. Your therapist Nastassia Tsuei has finished...
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