Free Mental Support for Manchester Bombing Victims

30/05/2017 23:58

-- NeoMind Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy, BWRT HK & ASIA Provides Free Mental Support for Manchester Bombing Incident --


Here is a link to a map showing all the therapists who have offered to help those effected by the Manchester bombing, please share to ensure that nobody remains alone without the help which is available, free of charge. There are some amazing therapists, practitioners and counsellors in this group.


NeoMind Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy 心忻催眠/心理治療室 and BWRT HK & ASIA are also part of the group providing free mental spport. 

-- NeoMind Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy 與 BWRT HK & ASIA 提供免費心理支援曼徹斯特炸彈攻擊事件受害者 --




NeoMind Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy 心忻催眠/心理治療室 以及 BWRT HK & ASIA 也參與了這次免費心理支援的活動,在亞洲地區為有需要的人提供協助。



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