Certified Specialist in PTSD

06/10/2015 23:39

Recently there have been many distressful accidents and natural disasters happened in the world, NeoMind feels deeply with the victims and thinks there are many peope out there need to be healed from their invisible wound. 

Because of this reason, your NeoMind therapist Nastassia Tsuei has taken special PTSD courses from American Hypnosis Association, Natioanl Association of Hypnotherapists, and she has been succesefully certified as a specialist in Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder to be able to help people suffering from the past traumas.

NeoMind will be always in pursuing progress and aiming in helping more people. And if you have any enquiries, please contact NeoMind through our FaceBook: www.facebook.com/neomind.therapy or our website: www.neomind.cc or just give us a call in our office. NeoMind wishes you a Neo Mind! : )